CMI takes part in BEST 2017 in Liège!

Quentin Grossman, President of BEST Liège for the academic year 2016-2017

July 13th 2017

On Saturday July 8th, the BEST association (Board of European Students of Technology) organized an interactive conference in Liège entitled ‘Europe invents the Energy of Tomorrow in Liège’, in which CMI took part.

BEST is a European organization created in 1989 and which brings together, every summer, students in the domains of technology for a summer school and projects competition. This is an initiative of the universities taking part in the scheme.

Having come together for the first time in 2013 to present project management at this event, CMI, represented by Jean Jouet (Chief Technology Officer of the CMI Group) and Sébastien Borguet (Research & Development Engineer at CMI Energy) once again took part in this experience by participating in the restitution of the students’ work session, and by presenting the CMI Group. 

On the program this year was the presentation of 7 projects developed by teams of 3 students of 16 different nationalities, the presentation of the sponsoring companies (including CMI) via an interactive quiz on the subject of energy, and a presentation of the activities of the CMI Group.

This cosmopolitan event was rich in meetings and dialogue between the students and a company, all of them with an international orientation.

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On the picture: Quentin Grossman, President of BEST Liège for the academic year 2016-2017