A starting fire extinguished at CMI Europe Environnement

CMI Europe Environment

June 14th 2017

On Saturday June 10th  2017, at around 9.40 pm, an accidental fire broke out at the CMI Europe Environnement industrial site at Aspach-Michelbach (France). The fire was quickly brought under control by the public fire service, and there were no victims; an area of 40m² was all that was damaged.


Situation as at June 13th 2017

A fire broke out on Saturday June 10th 2017 in the Research & Development premises located inside the building of CMI Europe Environnement, a company specializing in the manufacture and installation of air de-pollution equipment, located on the Aspach-Michelbach business park (France).

The alarm was raised by local inhabitants who had noticed smoke coming out of the site. The 50 fire-fighters who were involved in this incident reacted very quickly to bring the flames under control and stop them from spreading.


Damage to the premises

Thanks to the rapid intervention of the fire service and to the means they deployed, the fire was brought under control and damage was limited. The incident principally affected around 40 square metres of the premises of the Research & Development department, which was partially destroyed.

Equipment being manufactured and stored in the workshop is unharmed, and there are no victims.

This fire has, thankfully, had no impact on the activities of the company. All of the personnel of CMI Europe Environnement returned to normal work on Monday 12th June in the morning, to ensure client demands were met.


Investigations into the cause of the fire are underway

“At the moment, we do not know the exact cause of the start of this fire, but it is likely that an electrical problem is behind it. An investigation is currently underway to determine the exact origin. What appears to be the case from first observations, is that the fire broke out in the premises of the Research & Development department, where a pilot was taking place”, indicates Cédric Debuchy, Director General of CMI Europe Environnement. “It is also important to emphasize that this incident has had no environmental impact and that no chemical pollution has been noted”, concludes Cédric Debuchy.

In parallel, measures will be taken to avoid any future incidents of this type, and actions are being scheduled to raise awareness of fire risks.