Plume-Abated Induced Draft Cooling Tower

The cooling tower with plume abatement (also called hybrid or wet/dry) is an evaporative cooling tower combined with a dry heat exchanger, used to abate the cooling tower plume. This is the best available solution where local constraints are such that the presence of plume is not accepted in normal conditions (along motorways, airports, close to residential areas).

John Cockerill Hamon has an unrivaled reference list in this field.

Plume abatement can be offered with mechanical draft cooling tower (cells) as well as with fan assisted natural draft (circular hybrid).


  • no plume visibility
  • outstanding performance of an evaporative cooling tower
  • cost attractiveness
  • all types of heat exchange media
  • for cell CT :
    • same flexibility as an induced draft cooling tower
    • all types of structure (wood – frp – concrete – steel)
WetDry Cooling John Cockerill Hamon

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