Maintenance and Repairs

Specialists in developing creative and cost-effective solutions to the operational challenges of installed equipment, regardless of original manufacturer.

– Regular inspections and maintenance is the first step to ensuring availability and reliability, as well as prolonging equipment life.
– The John Cockerill Hamon customer service team can help you schedule your preventive maintenance plan immediately.

John Cockerill Hamon has a wide experience in cooling tower maintenance, natural draft or mechanical draft.

Drift Eliminators

– Mechanical cleaning (avoiding use of chemicals)
– Prevention of legionnaire disease
– Avoid gasp or holes
– Efficiency increase
– Selection of most appropriate type (wave or cellular – pitch)

Heat Exchange Media

– Mechanical cleaning (without chemical doubles expected life)
– Partial or full replacement
– Efficiency increase
– Replacement of asbestos cement sheets with PP grids or plastic film fill
– Selection of most appropriate type depending on the water quality

Air Inlet Louvers

– Modification of design of existing tower for subsequent installation of louvers
– Addition of louvers or screens to prevent water loss and legionella

Noise Attenuation

– Baffles in air inlet
– Noise attenuators integrated in fan stacks
– Slanted sheets in basin

Fan stacks

– Replacement of concrete or wooden stacks by FRP
– Addition of diffusers to reduce the energy consumption

Motor / Fan Group

– Replacement of fan blades or adjustment of pitch angle
– Transmission shaft: replacement of steel with composite materials or of a bearing shaft with one in one piece
– Installation of walkways above the drift eliminator to make access to the motor/fan group safe and easier


– Replacement of a distribution network with flumes by a network with tubes if the water treatment has been improved. Replacement of wooden flumes by FRP ones.
– Modification of the network to facilitate the cleaning with removable tube ends
– Partial or complete repair of an existing AC by PVC elements


– Partial or complete replacement (whatever the material)
– Replacement of primary and secondary beams
– Partial or replacement of structural fixations
– Removal and replacement of upper part of cell
– Replacement of roof and casing
– Design of guide plans for civil work

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