Maintenance Agreement

Cooling tower

All industries are constantly searching for improvement potentials in their process and production.

Through a range of tailor-made maintenance multiyear agreements (MMP, CSA…), John Cockerill Hamon customer service teams can help you to get the most from your system in order:

  • to ensure its availability
  • to prolong equipment service life, delaying new capital investment
  • to reduce operating costs and ensure the optimum level of performance
  • to reduce costly down time due to equipment failures
  • to ensure a safe operating, environmental, and working conditions

John Cockerill Hamon customer service teams consist of specialized staff led by experienced managers with a solid techncal background, who:

  • Have the comprehension and experience to act as a reliable advisor at any stage of your project
  • Have a clear understanding of the safety rules in all activity sectors (chemical, petrochemical, power plants…)
  • Have an awareness of environmental concerns and challenges
  • Have the capacity to work quickly during quick program shutdowns

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