Belgian Ambassador visits John Cockerill in Germany to strengthen economic ties

eight people posing on the stairs

May 30th 2023

In today’s interconnected world, economic relationships and networking are of utmost importance. The recent visit of Geert Muylle, the Belgian Ambassador to Germany, and Isabella Profeta, the Economic and Commercial Responsible of the Walloon region of Belgium, to our German entity, John Cockerill UVK allowed our local team to seize this networking opportunity and introduce the John Cockerill Group, headquartered in Belgium and its German set-up.

The following inspiring exchange has been a perfect occasion to showcase John Cockerill’s latest innovations and technological advances, including firsts like a net zero CO2 steelmaking process developed with ArcelorMittal or the novel low-carbon emitting Jet Vapor Deposition technology for the coating of metals.

Another important topic on the agenda was dedicated to our Group’s latest developments in the Energy sector, and John Cockerill’s two German solar power projects, funded by the German government and conducted in partnership with the Fraunhofer Research Institute. One aiming at developing a Molten Salt Electrical Heater (MSEH) with the goal to build a 100 MWe industrial-scale power plant, the other at developing a new monitoring system for Solar Tower Power Plant receivers with the goal to optimize operations.

John Cockerill’s latest developments in the Hydrogen sector and the presentation of the recent creation of a joint venture with the international expert in EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction), Technip Energies, have also generated much interest.  Called Rely, the new company is aiming at becoming the world’s leading green hydrogen engineering provider, covering the entire value chain, from the production of green electricity to the transport of hydrogen or its derivatives.

Belgium and Germany share strong economic ties, with bilateral trade reaching impressive heights. The ambassador’s visit emphasized the significance of John Cockerill’s presence in Germany as a vital contributor to this economic partnership.

John Cockerill is honoured and grateful for the ambassador’s visit and the inspiring exchanges that has given us the opportunity to engage meaningful discussions and explore new opportunities. Our Group is committed to further contribute and strengthen the economic relationships between both nations, Germany, and Belgium.

eight people posing on the stairs