Renewable energies and green hydrogen: John Cockerill unveils an exceptional balance sheet for the first half of 2021

July 30th 2021

The John Cockerill Group today unveiled a positive balance sheet for its activities in the renewable energy and green hydrogen sectors in the first half of 2021. The company announced a doubling of its turnover in these activities as well as new orders now totalling more than €50 million.

As the world leader in electrolyser sales in 2020, the Group’s electrolyser sales continued to grow in the first half of the year with the sale of 36 electrolysers and the Group’s participation in a number of large-scale projects.

The Group continued to develop its 100% European electrolyser and hydrogen equipment production chain, which is confirmed to be operational by 2023.

John Cockerill also accelerated the roll-out of various renewable energy solutions in Europe and around the world, in particular with the installation of new concentrated solar power plants.

The main challenge of our century is to succeed in the field of energy transition . This is why we decided several years ago to accelerate the development of our renewable energy and green hydrogen offer. Today, we can see that this ambitious strategy is bearing fruit, as this morning we are unveiling exceptional results that confirm our leadership and validate our ambitions”, said Jean-Luc Maurange, CEO of John Cockerill.

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