John Cockerill offers a virtual tour of MiRIS to members of Belgian Industrial R&D

May 04th 2021

John Cockerill gathered around its technologies some twenty members of the Belgian Industrial Research & Development (BiR&D is the association of Research and Development managers of large industrial companies in Belgium). Given the pandemic situation, the meeting was organized virtually.

The audience was immersed in the Group’s energy activities, starting with our Integrated Renewables Solutions. Following this, Fran├žois Henry (Project Manager) offered a remote tour of MiRIS. Equipped with connected glasses, he showed the largest industrial green energy storage station in Europe. The discovery of this achievement illustrated our integrated approach with the Energy Management System. After this impressive demonstration, our experts presented John Cockerill’s projects and ambitions in green hydrogen.

Jean Jouet (Group CTO) underlines the benefits of this virtual tour: “The virtual visit of MiRIS has brilliantly met a double objective: presenting this large-scale project and demonstrating the efficiency of our remote service solutions, through connected technologies. This digital solution allows our engineers to perform a range of operations without having to travel, which has proved essential in the COVID crisis we are experiencing.

John Cockerill is adjusting and diversifying its product and service offer. Training in the use of equipment is part of this approach. Our simulation experts talked about TrainLab, the interactive training tool developed by Transurb.
Innovation and R&D are also combined through Industrya. This was an opportunity to highlight the first projects selected by the investment fund initiated by John Cockerill to support industrial transformation.

Innovation has been in John Cockerill’s DNA for two centuries: “R&D is fully in line with our strategy. John Cockerill provides equipment, as well as the most suitable operating mode for the customer and the appropriate digital support“, concludes Jean Jouet.
John Cockerill is proud to have been able to present to BiR&D members the solutions that our talents are developing to meet the needs of our time.