Micro-grid including renewable energy & storage

In order to establish its position as an agnostic expert, the storage teams of John Cockerill Energy have built the largest industrial battery hybridization pilot plant at its site in Seraing (Belgium). This facility was commissioned in October 2018.

It consists of 2MWp of photovoltaic panels coupled to lithium-ion, flow and NaS batteries, for a total of 5.4MWh of energy storage. John Cockerill will subject each battery at his site to a test protocol in order to compare them objectively, to test the different operating modes and to simulate various approaches and combinations of different types of energy production and batteries in order to determine the profitability of “bankable” industrial models.

The various simulations of micro-grids: on-grid / weak-grid - off-grid (via diesel generators installed on site) are made possible thanks to the installation of an intelligent energy management system (EMS) developed by the Group in partnership . This EMS is designed to be specific through its modularity. This software is considered to be the brain of the system as it allows the optimization of the reduction of the energy bill by determining the best time to charge or discharge the batteries, depending on various parameters/factors such as consumer demand, climatic conditions, the price of energy on the spot market and many other variables.

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