John Cockerill Balteau modernizes the Brussels South wastewater treatment plant to improve the city’s water quality

January 25th 2021

Wastewater treatment specialist, John Cockerill Balteau, carried out the major modernization of the Brussels South wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), while in operation.

The digester installed by John Cockerill to recycle the sludge coming from the WWTP is one of the largest of its kind in Wallonia and Brussels. The produced biogas is valorized by a cogeneration system. Additionally, a solution for treating the return water from the digested sludge has been put in place. This water, heavily loaded with nitrogen, requires a special treatment based on the innovative Anammox® process, before it can be reinjected in the inlet pumping station of the plant.

Nancy Davis, Head of Business Line Municipal Water: “I am proud of the work that is being carried out by our teams as they search to find the most appropriate solution to help our clients manage water and recover waste in a sustainable manner.

With the energy and heat produced, while reducing the amount of waste, the installation will very quickly be profitable for the client and a major environmental project.

Jean Gourp, President of John Cockerill Environment: “This project is another example of our commitment to supporting our clients in their strategy to adapt to climate change, which has already become a necessity.

Through this important project, the Group contributes to improving the water quality in the Belgian and European capital. John Cockerill thus responds effectively to current environmental challenges by minimizing both waste and waste pollution.