Medix® - Micropollutant treatment

Treatment plant for pharmaceutical micropollutants

John Cockerill Medix - micropollutant treatment

In order to eliminate pharmaceutical product residues in waste water from hospitals, John Cockerill Environment has developed Medix®, a technology which exclusively makes use of biological degradation of micro-pollutants which are noxious for the environment.

How does Medix® work?

The 100% biological Medix® technology uses the enzyme capacities of micro-organisms. By encouraging their growth end their activity under certain conditions, we arrive at degradation via the biological route of a wide range of pharmaceutical residues. Breaking the concentration down into micro-pollutants between entry and exit achieves an overall yield  of 85%.

This technology thus stands out for:

  • its high performance level;
  • its biological procedure ;
  • its low energy consumption ;
  • its modularity;
  • its integration.

All of this is based on the unique know-how which characterizes John Cockerill solutions.

To whom is Medix® addressed?

Medix® is a solution suited to all volumes and compositions of reject materials. With a view to optimal integration, we have developed different architectural structures. Medix® can equally well be installed outside s inside.

Our solution provides our clients with numerous advantages:

  • purification of macro and micro pollutants;
  • commitment to society ;
  • reduction of the environmental footprint;
  • better use of utilities: high technology.

A turnkey solution

From conception to operation, we deliver a turnkey solution to our clients:

  • study and definition of needs;
  • realization of turnkey installations ;
  • putting into operation and regulating;
  • monitoring and operation.

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Brochure Medix®

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