Underwater and surface operations for the renovation of the Hensies lock (Belgium)

équipement d'un scaphandrier devant de l'eau

How can lock gates be renovated in an efficient and reliable way, and under optimal safety conditions? An example of this is the joint intervention on the Hensies lock (Belgium) carried out by the John Cockerill Services teams.

On this site, our teams in Liege and Hainaut are renovating the lock gates with the support of our specialists in underwater hyperbaric work. Together, by combining their expertise, they were tasked with sealing the cofferdams and checking the infrastructure upstream and downstream of the structure.

Another great synergy within John Cockerill, at the service of river transport. As a partner of choice for waterways, John Cockerill proudly contributes to facilitating the navigation of barges and making river transport more fluid.