John Cockerill and Tomorrow Water join forces to boost wastewater treatment efficiency and biogas production

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July 17th 2023

In response to the ever-increasing demand for sustainable technologies that reduce the cost of wastewater treatment and sludge management through transformation of wastewater plants into resource recovery and green energy production facilities, John Cockerill and Tomorrow Water have signed a global partnership agreement to share and promote two technologies within their respective solution portfolios and markets: John Cockerill will market and provide Tomorrow Water’s Thermal Hydrolysis Process (THP)/HydroThermal Carbonization (HTC) system “Draco™” and Tomorrow Water will market and provide John Cockerill Environment’s Continuous Flow Aerobic Granular Sludge (AGS) process “BeFlow® AGS”.

Draco™ is a modular sludge pretreatment solution which reduces sludge volumes, boosts biogas generation, and provides additional technical and implementation benefits. BeFlow® AGS is an innovative and highly retrofittable biological wastewater treatment technology which densifies and granulates activated sludges to reduce treatment footprints and maximize efficiency. Compared to conventional systems, BeFlow® AGS significantly reduces the required bioreactor and clarifier volumes for both greenfield and legacy plants. With its ability to handle peak wet weather flows and its continuous-flow design, the Beflow® AGS process is particularly adapted to retrofitting and expanding existing treatment facilities while overcoming the limitations of other granulation processes.

With John Cockerill’s headquarters in Belgium, and its position and influence within the European market, Tomorrow Water’s Draco™ technology will be introduced to clients and projects in Europe, while Tomorrow Water, based in California, will carry John Cockerill’s BeFlow® AGS process within its core markets, the United States and South Korea.

Mr. Mohamed Abdelbadie, Vice President of Tomorrow Water commented, “We are excited to partner with John Cockerill as we both believe that the fastest way to help create a truly sustainable world is to share innovative ideas and offer world class solutions to the broader market.  The two companies share common values of trust, cooperation, and mutual desire to help our industry as a whole.  Tomorrow Water is truly eager to see this partnership grow as we continue to develop additional opportunities that accelerate our mutual growth.”

Mr. Alain Desvignes, Head of John Cockerill Environment’s Water Business Line said,Partnering with Tomorrow Water increases our capacity to scale-up and quickly respond to a rapidly changing technological landscape and emerging needs. Integrating Tomorrow Water’s thermal hydrolysis into LysoThane®, our high-performance sludge digestion process to produce renewable methane, will help reduce sludge volumes and further increase the production of biogas from digestible biomass. All while the commercialization by Tomorrow Water of our BeFlow® AGS in the USA and South Korea will be a key milestone in the growth strategy of this unique, 100% biological, compact, and low-energy process reducing the size and increasing the treatment capacity of wastewater treatment plants.”

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