Three plug & play industrial boilers left Spain by boat to be installed in a Scottish refinery

June 21st 2022

Three huge industrial boilers designed by John Cockerill left this Monday June 20, 2022, the port of Cadiz (Spain) where they have been pre-assembled. This pre-assembly earns them the name of plug & play boilers and this allows simpler and faster erection on site.

These behemoths of 10,000 m³ and 1,000 tons each will be installed in a refinery in Scotland. John Cockerill’s technology will ensure better process profitability and will generate less CO2 and less nitrogen oxide.

Congrats to the John Cockerill proposal teams based in Willebroek (Belgium), the execution team based in Seraing (Belgium) and to our team on site in Cadix (Spain).