A new water treatment plant supplied by John Cockerill to purify the wastewater of two Belgian villages

station d'épuration des eaux usées municipales vue de haut

November 09th 2023

With increasing water stress, the protection of water resources has become an urgent and critical issue also for municipalities. Before releasing it into the natural environment or using it for irrigation, it is essential to treat wastewater to reduce its pollutant load. The wastewater treatment project for the Belgian villages of Assesse and Maillen means making a contribution to protect this important resource in a context of global warming and contributes to meeting the environmental challenge of these communities.

Optimal quality of discharged effluent

The new wastewater treatment plant supplied by John Cockerill Enviroment is a solution based on a rotating biodisc system. By providing both complete nitrification and total nitrogen treatment, this technology provides the optimal quality of the discharged effluent at low investment cost and reduced energy consumption.

The new installation is sized to absorb the expected demographic growth of the two villages for the next twenty years.

INASEP renews its confidence in John Cockerill

100% financed by the water authority of the Belgian Province of Namur (INASEP), the construction of the Maillen-Assesse wastewater treatment plant (currently for a population equivalent of 9000) was entrusted to the Belgian entity of John Cockerill Environment and carried out in a temporary partnership with Eloy Construction.

In addition to the assembly and commissioning of the electromechanical equipment, John Cockerill Balteaucarried out the process study and sizing of this treatment plant including the following equipment:

  • Inlet chamber consisting of a stone trap and two lifting pumps;
  • Head screening;
  • Primary decanter;
  • Two biodiscs (PRFV tank) each composed of an inlet flow balancing compartment;
  • Secondary decanter including a stainless steelchute where the treated water from the installation is evacuated towards the tream;
  • Dry dock equipped with an electrical panel which ensures the supervision of the installation, sludge extraction pumps as well as supply and control of compressed air to the installation equipment;
  • Sludge chamber where the sludge from the secondary settling tank pumped towards the drainage chamber is evacuated by gravity.

John Cockerill Environment thanks INASEP for its renewed confidence and salutes its Belgian teams for the successful completion of this project in line with our objective of improving water quality and protecting water resources.

vue panoramique de la station d'épuration des eaux usées municipales INASEP pour Assesse et Maillen (Namur)
station d'épuration des eaux usées municipales INASEP pour Assesse et Maillen (Namur)
station d'épuration des eaux usées municipales vue de haut