Redstone CSP plant to save 440,000 tons of CO2 emissions in South Africa

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July 15th 2021

John Cockerill will supply molten salt thermo-solar receivers to the 100 MW Redstone concentrated solar power (CSP) plant in Northern Cape Province, South Africa. The receivers will be located at the top of the Redstone solar tower, making it possible for the project to efficiently store energy and produce power round the clock.

Developed by ACWA Power – a leading Saudi developer, investor and operator of power generation and water desalination plants in 13 countries – and constructed by EPC SepcoIII, Redstone CSP plant will generate an output capacity of 100 MW, which will supply 200,000 households with clean power and save nearly 440,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year upon completion.

The state-of-the-art technologies utilized in the project will produce electricity round the clock due to the use of molten salts as heat-transfer fluid. These salts will feed the receiver at the top of the tower and will be heated to 565°C. Once brought back down, they will conserve heat for up to 12 hours, enabling electricity to be produced night and day.

The press release: 20210715-Redstone-CSP-John-Cockerill-ACWA-Power-PressRelease