Our Aftersales teams improve a heat recovery boiler at the RoCa 3 power plant

November 18th 2022

Rotterdam (Netherlands), RoCa 3 power station: the John Cockerill Energy Solutions AfterSales teams carried out an impressive 10-week project on a heat recovery boiler whose inlet duct had numerous cracks. They were growing larger and leaked carbon monoxide and fumes over 600 degrees, causing serious pollution and safety issues. In addition to the pollution caused, this issue made the work on site difficult, reduced the efficiency of the installation, caused frequent shut-downs and serious losses of profitability and output.

After careful analysis, the John Cockerill teams dismantled this damaged inlet duct, repaired the bend depending on the heat exchangers and its insulation. Its engineers have designed a new duct, made up of around forty internally insulated panels. The teams then assembled the new inlect duct, expansion joints, huge silencers (7m long by 7m high), and all the beams supporting the inlect duct.

This is another ambitious project for a demanding client carried out by our specialists in order to provide the best technical solutions to major issues. Today, our client Uniper can expect a profitability improvement and a responsive and safe production.