John Cockerill’s Advanced Thermal Technology to support Orion with the production of high-grade circular carbon black

April 15th 2024

To significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support the transition of the carbon black industry towards a more sustainable carbon footprint, John Cockerill has been chosen to contribute to a project of Orion Engineered Carbons GmbH funded by the European Union and the German Ministry of Financial Affairs and Climate Action.

Based on John Cockerill’s Advanced Thermal Technology, the collaboration between the two companies is directed towards optimizing tire pyrolysis conditions related to the production of carbon black. With this project, Orion is looking to obtain a higher quality tire pyrolysis oil to produce circular carbon blacks and thus improve its quality by blending in higher oil ratios than is state of the art today.

Carbon Black is a tailor-made product with a lot of end use applications. Most of the volume is applied in the automotive industry with the largest portion being used in tire applications. Different parts of a tire utilize totally different carbon black products to meet performance requirements. The production of these carbons currently results in significant greenhouse gas emissions, the reduction of which is precisely what this project is to address.

Nicolas Maurisset, Head of John Cockerill’s Solids & Waste Business Line commented: “We would like to thank Orion for the trust that they place into our Advanced Thermal Technology and are excited to assist them with this highly innovative project that has the potential to make a significant positive impact on the environment. It’s great to see efforts being made to produce circular carbon blacks.

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