John Cockerill acquires STIN and strengthens its nuclear offering


May 26th 2023

In the current context of transition to non-fossil energy and government targets for carbon neutrality by 2050, the next few years will be crucial for the nuclear industry, particularly in France. Several major plans are underway to reinforce the availability of France’s nuclear power plants and plan for its renewal.

With over half a century’s experience in nuclear power, John Cockerill Services is a major player in maintenance operations that contribute to the availability and safety of nuclear power plants: piping, welding, tank opening, valves and mechanical maintenance.

Today, John Cockerill Services is expanding its expertise with the acquisition of STIN and the integration of its 80 specialized technicians. STIN (Soudure Tuyauterie Industrielle et Nucléaire), based in Dunkirk (France), specializes in welding and piping work in highly complex and constrained environments (steelworks, refineries, nuclear power plants). With its fully-equipped workshop, the company carries out prefabrication and production of new equipment, as well as all metalwork, locksmithing and pipe-welding maintenance work.

The acquisition of STIN strengthens John Cockerill’s services to nuclear power plants, and completes its technological offering in water treatment, cooling and electro-chlorination. Following the acquisition of Hamon’s cooling activities, a specialist in cooling systems with a strong presence in the nuclear sector, the acquisition of STIN confirms John Cockerill’s commitment to and confidence in the nuclear industry. In this way, our Group intends to amplify its contribution to maintaining the safety of energy supply and improving the performance of nuclear sites and plants, particularly in France and Belgium.