John Cockerill provides sustainable access to drinking water in Kajiado: 44 wells and training associated with the donation of school supplies

March 22nd 2021

March 22 is a date that matters to John Cockerill. World Water Day symbolizes our daily work to preserve this natural resource. Our solutions and our expertise enable us to protect water to better meet all the needs of communities.

This is the case in the Kajiado County, Kenya, where John Cockerill has provided safe water facilities in an area that experiences droughts every two to three years. Sustainable access to clean water is a challenge that John Cockerill has met with the supply of 44 wells with an average borehole depth of 150 meters. The contract also foresees an extensive training program to allow the local operators to operate and maintain the wells once our engineers have left the country.

With the donation of school supplies to the local community, our devoted employees marked this project by putting our Group’s societal values into practice. Even more than the final acceptance of the supplied water well installations, the project team has been touched by the smiles of the children and the joy of the entire Maasai village.

The Kajiado project has changed the life of the community and leaves a lasting impression on all those involved. In both technological and human terms, the Kajiado project is illustrating what sustainability is all about.

While water is obviously the core business of our Environment sector, this resource is nonetheless essential for the production of green hydrogen or the optimal functioning of industrial installations.