Innovative Cométha project : visit of the biomethane production pilot plant in Valenton (France)

groupe de personnes avec vêtements de protection devant bâtiment Cometha

April 25th 2023

The objective of the Cometha innovation partnership? The optimal production of biomethane, while generating a minimum of waste.

The visit of the pilot unit under construction in Valenton (Val-de-Marne, France) was a good opportunity for John Cockerill Environment’s teams to explain the operation of their innovative technological solution for the joint treatment of sludge from wastewater and the residual organic fraction from the sorting of household waste to Syctom’s Technical Department. What is more: directly in the field.

Focus on a process developed by John Cockerill and its partners Sources, University of Technology of Compiègne (UTC) and UniLaSalle, combining an optimized methanation aimed at maximizing the production of biogas, with a pyrolysis reactor to recover all by-products and extract all valuable elements contained in the digestate.

To meet these sizeable challenges, John Cockerill Environnement is mobilizing the entities of its three Business Lines on this project. These are respectively Proserpol, a specialist in wastewater treatment, Europe Environnement, a specialist in air and gas pollution control, and NESA for the thermal treatment of sludge.

For John Cockerill, this innovation partnership launched in 2017 by the Syctom, the metropolitan household waste agency, and the SIAAP, the Ile-de-France sanitation public service, is above all an adventure at the service of the ecological transition.