First cooling tower in Iceland for John Cockerill Hamon at the Svartsengi geothermal power plant

HS Orka Svartsengi Power Plant

September 22nd 2023

John Cockerill Hamon’s French teams were awarded a contract to design and supply a cooling tower for the extension of the Svartsengi geothermal power plant, no so far from Reykjavik, in Iceland. The client, HS ORKA, owner and operator of this plant, is the leader of renewable energy production in Iceland.

Geothermal power plants accounts for a quarter of the total electricity produced in Iceland, as well as 66% of the primary energy used in the country.

This new four cells FRP John Cockerill Hamon cooling tower will equip the new unit 7 of the station. This 22 MW expansion project aims at further optimizing the plant’s energy resources by decommissioning obsolete units and replacing them with a more efficient one.  

The equipment is designed to operate in extreme climatic conditions such as sub-zero temperatures, high winds, and high seismic risk. This project, with high technical constraints, remains a great opportunity for our teams to show once again their expertise in cooling solutions. 

John Cockerill Hamon is delighted to be taking part in this ambitious project and to be a player in the energy transition in a new market.