John Cockerill Hamon lands a new order for air-cooled condenser in French Guiana

model 3d air cooled condensor

June 12th 2023

Boccard consortium selects John Cockerill Hamon (Spain) to build air-cooled condenser for the Voltalia new biomass plant in Sinnamary, French Guiana.

Voltalia, specialist in renewable energy solutions, entrusted Boccard consortium to build a new biomass plant with a thermal capacity of 40 MW.

John Cockerill Hamon was awarded by Boccard for the supply of an air-cooled condenser of 4 modules. For the second time, John Cockerill Hamon has been selected as an ACC supplier. This equipment will transform the steam recovered from the steam turbine into water: the recovered water is then reinjected into the system, for more responsible energy production.

The new plant, developed under an EPC contract, will produce and provide electricity to the French electrical grid.

The construction of the plant, already underway, is carried out to the highest standards of quality and safety, with the aim of ensuring efficient and reliable long-term operation. The plan is expected to be soon in operation.

The use of renewable biomass as a source of energy will contribute to the sustainable development and the reduction of carbon emissions in the region. This project will also enable new employment opportunities and thus take part to the economic and social development of the region.

Voltalia will continue to work towards developing innovative and sustainable energy solutions worldwide to promote a more sustainable future for everybody, in perfect harmony with John Cockerill’s vision and values.

John Cockerill is proud to take part in this project and be a partner of choice of decarbonization in French Guiana.