John Cockerill’s advanced E-Si® technologies to produce the electrical steel for tomorrow’s e-mobility

February 27th 2024

For the transition of the automotive sector, electrification isessential. But e-mobility also means improved electrical steel properties. From grain oriented (GO) to non-grain oriented (NGO) and from thin to ultra-thin, the electrical steel of tomorrow is to be strong, lightweight, high permeability and meet precise metallurgical properties, including a higher silicon content making it harder, but also more difficult to process.

To support the transition to electric cars and advanced electrical steel, and to cater to the growing demand for electrical steelgrades, John Cockerill has developed a full range of production technologies for high silicon content electrical steel strip. Our E-Si® equipment and processing lines are specifically designed for the production of high-quality Non-Grain Oriented (NGO) steel strip essential for the future of e-mobility.

Besides a newly developed E-Si® Cold Rolling Mill for improved strip thickness reduction and maximized output, the low energy consumption of our processing line furnaces, the waste heat recovery from the various process sections of the line, and our innovative pickling section designed to most effectively deal with the technical constraints of electrical steel, are major advantages when it comes to the sustainable processing of these extremely hard materials.

With e-mobility and EV adoption on the rise, steelmakers will be forced to increase production capacity in order to meet the projected drastically growing demand, all while being challenged to deliver high-quality electrical steel with speed and precision. John Cockerill is proud to help its clients meet these evolving market needs and support the shift towards green mobility with its E-Si® technologies.