After-sales services

after sales service Maintenance

To ensure the durability of your ventilation equipment and air treatment regardless of its brand, the John Cockerill Environment After Sales team brings together a team of technicians to provide preventive or corrective maintenance operations and produces diagnostics for upgrading or optimization of an installation.

From the simplest service to the most complex implementation, our After-sales service responds to all the demands of our clients: 

Consulting services

  • Auditing Inspection and monitoring of installations
  • Optimization diagnosis: recommendations report
  • Training in operation and maintenance
  • Compliance

Maintenance of facilities

  • Cleaning: Internal and external parts of the equipment
  • Replacement of biomass and carbon including recycling or disposal
  • Spare parts & consumables
  • Repairing installations / Revamping
  • Moving equipment

Our expertise in on-site interventions, maintenance and safety, in particular for sensitive operations, make of John Cockerill Environment the ideal partner for your Aftersales operations. Our team possesses, indeed, all of the equipment required to guarantee safety on site.

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