VOC processing

VOC recovery solution

Of natural or man-made origin, the family of volatile organic compounds (VOC), brings together a multitude of gaseous substances (hydrocarbons, solvents, etc.) whose characteristics vary widely. VOCs, however, have something in common: they are harmful

  • For health (depending on the nature of the pollutant, from simple olfactory discomfort to carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic effects);
  • For the environment since they contribute to global warming by promoting the development of ozone, a greenhouse gas.

Use of VOCs

Mainly used as a solvent, degreaser, dissolvent, cleaning agent, disperser, conserver or synthetic agent due to their ability to evaporate after use, VOCs are involved in many manufacturing processes for everyday products for domestic, professional and industrial use.

The metallurgical, printing, mechanical engineering, automotive, food processing, chemical/petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries are particularly affected.

How are they treated?

Thanks to our profound mastery of several technologies, John Cockerill Environment provides the best technical and economic response to each project, with tailored solutions, combining multiple technologies capable of responding to all industrial constraints:

  • Gas scrubbing
  • Adsorption on activated carbon
  • Biofiltration/biological oxidation
  • Thermal/catalytic oxidation
  • Technology based on reclaimed

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