Womenpreneur at John Cockerill: 5 women colleagues share their journey with 25 students or recent graduates

October 13th 2021

John Cockerill was honoured to welcome Womenpreneur on Wednesday Octobrer 13th, in presence of the Walloon Minister of Employment and Equal Opportunities Christie Morreale.

Womenpreneur made a stop at John Cockerill ! More than 25 students or young graduates seeking employment came to meet several of our talented colleagues. Together, the participants discussed their career paths, their experiences, their jobs, and the leadership and boldness of women within John Cockerill. These enriching meetings and sharing of experiences took place in the presence of Minister Christie Morreale.

The aim of this initiative is to enable young people to project themselves into their future professional lives through the testimony of inspiring women, active in fields as varied and technical as defence, energy, finance, industry and the environment, or human resources, and to share professional experiences together.

TV report on RTC.