With Proserpol, CMI invests in water treatment

With Proserpol, CMI invests in water treatment

February 20th 2012

On December 28, 2011, CMI acquired the French Group Proserpol, specialists in the processing and recycling of industrial effluents. Through this transaction, CMI expands its technology portfolio and opens new markets. Thanks to CMI’s international network, Proserpol expands its area of influence to the world.

Bernard Serin, Chairman and Managing Director of CMI Group:  “Throughout the world, the question of wastewater treatment, and more generally, water, has become central. Already specialist in processes associated with industrial energy conservation, CMI, by acquiring Proserpol, takes a further step in reducing the environmental footprint of industrial societies.”

Proserpol is based near Paris (France) and has offices in Grenoble (France) and Montreal (Canada). The company has a staff of forty people and has annual sales of around 12 million Euros. Its product and service lines Proserpol, Neyrtec and Nicou Environment address all the issues that industries face in the cleaning and recycling of liquid effluents.

Integrating Prosepol within CMI Group is the subject of a structured plan that will enable, within a few months, the identification and leveraging of all the synergies in technology, business, and geography between the two companies.