A brand-new website for John Cockerill’s Surface Treatment Plants

March 27th 2023

John Cockerill’s Surface Treatment Business Line’s brand-new website is now on-line! Entirely dedicated to our sustainable, innovative and customized surface treatment plants and services, it is to provide visitors with an easy way to learn about the wide range of automated surface treatment lines and workshops designed and supplied by the Business Line’s worldwide entities, to the most demanding industries and environments all over the world. These are including industries like Aviation and MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul), Automotive, Energy and Defense.

Drawing on the extensive expertise of its entities: Sleti (France), Galvatek (Finland) and Cockerill Tempro (China), John Cockerill’s Surface Treatment Business Line has established itself as a leading worldwide supplier of chemical and electrolytic surface treatment for electroplating equipment and anodization, surface pickling, and hallmark and industrial press die cleaning facilities.

Next to relevant information about our Surface Treatment Technologies and the related services, the new website also provides company announcements, and client achievements (case studies).

Welcome, and happy surfing… ➤  https://surfacetreatment.johncockerill.com

Surface treatment batch line