Visit of MEDIX®, our pilot wastewater treatment plant, by the Walloon Minister of Economy, Pierre-Yves Jeholet

The Walloon Minister of Economy, Pierre-Yves Jeholet, visited MEDIX

January 28th 2019

The treatment of wastewater loaded with pharmaceutical residues, generated in particular by healthcare institutions such as hospitals, has become an important societal issue. The consumption of medicines is indeed constantly increasing and there is now a consensus within the scientific community that the release of these substances has a considerable impact on ecosystems. MEDIX is a consortium project, led by CMI Balteau, in partnership with Symbio, Cebedeau (Centre de Recherche Agréé), ULiège, LIST (Centre de Recherche luxembourgeois), the CHC Clinique Notre-Dame d’Hermalle /s Argenteau, supported by the Walloon competitiveness cluster GreenWin, which aims to understand pollution at source.

MEDIX® technology is an innovative, energy-efficient, compact, modular and adaptable treatment concept based exclusively on biological processes to control this form of pollution.

After eight months of operation, and thanks to state-of-the-art analytical monitoring, the project leaders are delighted to see that the purification performance exceeds their expectations, which puts the MEDIX project in excellent prospects for deployment, including in other sectors, confronted with micropollutants.