Turret and onboard simulation: CMI sets the pace at Eurosatory

Eurosatory: CMI Defence networks embedded and external simulation systems.

June 10th 2014

CMI Defence will participate in Eurosatory 2014 (Paris, France) in a further demonstration of Vulcain. This initiative of the French army is for networking  different simulation, communication and command systems to enable real-time training on various weaponry (infantry, cavalry, Land Army Light Aviation—i.e., ALAT…) during a common tactical mission. The challenge is to simultaneously connect as many armored vehicles among them as possible so that the forces train on tactical scenarios with a realistic volume of strength.

In partnership with Silkan, CMI Defence will therefore provide an onboard simulator connected to a 90MM caliber Cockerill turret and networked to all simulators dedicated to the training on each weapon. Beyond the technical and operational success of this concept, CMI Defence once again demonstrates the interest in the onboard simulator, as it is the only such offering on the market today.

As a reminder, CMI Defence participated in a first presentation of Vulcain at the Simops forum, which was held at the cavalry school at Saumur (France) in March.