Three new CMI HRSGs in China

Three new CMI HRSGs in China.

March 28th 2012

Wuxi, the Chinese licensee of CMI Energy, has won two new contracts to supply CMI boilers (HRSGs) in China. The first concerns two vertical heat recovery steam generators to be installed on the site of Suzhou, behind 9E gas turbines. The second contract is the project for Beijing Changping, providing a horizontal boiler to be installed behind a Siemens V94.2 gas turbine.

This is the second Wuxi contract offering CMI horizontal boiler technology. Its first commission of this kind was the Gao An Tun project, for which two horizontal boilers are currently being assembled and installed behind Siemens 4000F gas turbines.

This Wuxi success originated with the horizontal design training that Wuxi teams received since 2010 in the US and Belgian offices of CMI Energy.