The Flemish Environment Agency entrusted John Cockerill with a project for the electromechanical works related to the regulation of the Demer river

August 10th 2021

John Cockerill Balteau gained a significant foothold in Flanders. The VMM (Vlaamse Milieu Maatschappij), the public body in charge of non-navigable waterways in Flanders, entrusted John Cockerill’s municipal water treatment specialist with a comprehensive project involving several stakeholders, including the municipal administration of the Flemish city of Diest.

To regulate the water levels and flows

The region around Diest is suffering from regular flooding, and in 1960, the Demer river was deviated below ground and diverted around the city. In the framework of this project, a number of structures spread over different sites around the town, are to be restored or newly build. The objective of the work is to regulate the water levels and flows of the river for better flood management. After decades of having been deviated underground the river is to flow again through the city and to increase the quality of life of its residents.

To ensure the efficient execution of the project while causing the least possible nuisance, it has been subdivided into four phases over a total route of 1.5 km and a completion period of four years. It consists of six sub-projects spread around the city of Diest involving various business areas, including mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic components, automation, underground works and many others.

The first major contract in Flanders

John Cockerill Balteau is in charge of the electromechanical part, including the low voltage installation, the supply and assembly of 18 motorized knife gate and 4 large tilting valves, instrumentation, electrical connection and programming, and the cable laying trench work between the different sites.

While in recent years, our Group’s Belgian water treatment & management specialist, John Cockerill Balteau has increasingly expanded in the Flemish part of the country by gaining several contracts in various industries, this is the first major contract in Flanders and an excellent opportunity to vividly illustrate our company’s competences and skills in electromechanical structures for water management essential for the successful completion of such a complex project.