The Co-legia association awards its 2016 prize to the ‘Our Futures’ show and the ‘Wall of Art’

The Co-legia association awards its 2016 prize to the ‘Our Futures’ show and the ‘Wall of Art’

September 22nd 2016

The Co-legia association of sponsoring enterprises has awarded its 2016 prize, amounting to € 20,000, to two projects: the ‘Our Futures’ show by ‘La Baraka’ (€ 12,000) and the ‘Wall of Art’ project by not-for-profit organization Spray Can Arts (€ 8,000). An initiative of the not-for-profit organization Promothéa, Co-legia today brings together 12 Liège enterprises which annually reward creative Liège projects in the domains of art or culture via the ‘Co-legia by Prométhéa’ prize.

€ 12,000 for a first project ‘Our Futures’

‘Our Futures’ is a multi-disciplinary show bringing together urban and contemporary dance, theatre, music, beat-box, singing and video, created by the public of the ‘La Baraka’ not-for-profit organization with the collaboration of professional and recognised professionals from these disciplines, and co-produced by the Theatre of Liège. This show is an opportunity to discover, artistically, the young members of La Baraka, along with adults and senior citizens, lovers and professionals of the stage who are from outside the not-for-profit organization. It also enables the young players to develop their artistic potential as a means of expression and reflection through exchange with others, to create a new outlook on a theme which is close to their hearts: their future.

This project was selected for various reasons. Firstly, it enables awareness to be raised amongst the young of the world of the living theatre, by giving them the possibility, thanks to the professional assistance, to produce a quality collective result which they will present, on stage, at a great cultural institution in Liège: The Theatre of Liège, which co-produces the show. Along with this, the project enables many opportunities for exchange between different group of people (young, senior, stage professionals etc.), which is in line with one of the wishes of the association.

€ 8,000 for a second project: ‘Wall of Art’

The second project to receive an award, ‘Wall of Art’, consists of the creation in Liège of a monumental mural by an internationally renowned artist from the Street Art movement. The selected artist is to be helped by a team of young people from the Péry youth centre.

This project was selected because it is addressed to a wide-ranging public. Locating works of art in urban settings enables new publics to be attracted, and the range of publics to be expanded by being targeted at the ‘non-public’. The aesthetic, public and democratic character of Street Art enables it to attract an undefined public, which does not need to be initiated into contemporary art in order to recognize itself and appreciate the art.

Following a call for projects launched last spring, Co-legia received over twenty propositions, involving disciplines as varied as theatre, dance, music, publishing, sculpture, digital arts etc. Three of them were invited to a presentation by their creators in front of the members of the association. The prize-giving took place on September 22nd at the Urban Arts centre in the presence of the 12 sponsoring enterprises and of Promothéa, along with the creators of the different projects which had entered the competition, and previous winners.