Symbolic step for the HaYrport project

Hydrogen Test Car

November 11th 2019

John Cockerill and Liege Airport have tested an hydrogen car on Wednesday October 30th. This was a symbolic step in their collaboration, begun in July 2018, to equip the airport with facilities for the production, distribution and use of green hydrogen. Their project, named “HaYrport, will allow a 100% clean eco-mobility on the airport site.

Once these facilities are operational, the fleet of vehicles at the airport will run on hydrogen produced on site and will therefore no longer emit any harmful emissions, the only rejection of hydrogen vehicles being pure water.
Even better, the process as a whole will be fully “zero emission” since the electrolyser that will produce the hydrogen will itself be powered by the green electricity produced by the photovoltaic panels installed at the airport.
Note that the green hydrogen produced will also be offered to companies and local institutions that use a captive fleet or a shuttle system.

More information about HaYrport in the John Cockerill’s Online Activity Report.

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Hydrogen Test Car