Successful demonstration by John Cockerill Fortress

August 05th 2020

Some 70 representatives of the French government’s regalian services and of French and Belgian industrialists attended a full-scale demonstration of John Cockerill Fortress’s technologies dedicated to securing sensitive civil, military and public sites. The demonstration took place on Tuesday, July 7 in the Paris region.  Our C-UAS proven solution -Fortress Drone Defender- made a strong impression with its ability to locate, identify and neutralize any malicious drone approaching a site to be protected. Similarly, the intelligent Multi-Iris intrusion detection tool convinced them of its relevance and effectiveness.

“Our portfolio of technological solutions and systems is perfectly adapted to meet the new challenges of security, safety and sovereignty, explains Jean-Marc Tyberg, Chairman of John Cockerill Fortress. Public and private players are stepping up their efforts and we are responding to their needs to meet this major challenge: guaranteeing the serenity of any industrial or urban site, whether permanently or for a occasional event, against malicious or terrorist acts.”

André Mathonet, CEO of John Cockerill Fortress, says: “With our six innovative and proven product ranges, we cover the broad scope of safety and security scenarios. We are very pleased to have been able to demonstrate the performance of our solutions to a panel of representatives from state agencies and industry.”

John Cockerill Fortress is proud to define the new frontiers of safety, security and sovereignty. Find all information here.