Start-up of the galvanizing line delivered by CMI to SNA

December 23rd 2011

On December 1st, CMI Industry and Severstal North America (SNA) started up the new Hot Dip Galvanizing Line of SNA’s Dearborn facility (Michigan, USA). This line, which has an annual capacity of 500,000 tonnes for automotive quality steel, includes CMI Industry’s latest technologies in terms of mechanical, chemical and thermal treatment of steel strip. It will enable SNA to supply the Detroit (Michigan, USA) area, where, in particular, the Ford headquarters are located.

Alongside the design of the mechanical (CMI Processing Lines), chemical (CMI Chemline degreasing section), thermal (CMI Thermline vertical furnace) and special equipment (CMI M+W Engineering side trimmer), CMI Industry also undertook the function of EPC (CMI Metallurgy), taking charge of the integration of all the equipment, the supervision of the commissioning, and the start-up of the line. Combined with the excellent coordination between the CMI Industry and SNA teams, this dual approach expert/EPC led to an optimal start-up, under ideal conditions and within the scheduled time-frame. Today, both teams are working together on the performance tests and on the ramp-up of the line.

Following its success with the galvanizing line of Italian steelmaker Riva at Novi Ligure in 2010, CMI Industry has once again demonstrated its capacity to supply high technology and high capacity lines dedicated to next generation of automotive grade steels.