Start-up of a complex Halar air treatment unit for a nickel refining line in Normandy (France)

Halar air treatment

December 19th 2017

CMI Europe Environnement designed and built a turnkey gas treatment solution to cut noxious and corrosive fumes from chemicals used for nickel refining.
To upgrade the former air treatment unit and make it work with the customer’s new process that releases acid gases, an additional scrubber has been designed : its internal layer is made in ECTFE and the external part is coated with fiberglass / resin (FRP). This Halar scrubber is associated with full gases ductworks in FRP or PPh + FRP ou PVDF + FRP and other devices built in extremely chemical resistant material.
Once again, CMI Europe Environnement proves its capabilities to design and manufacture air pollution-control solutions whatever operating conditions on site and whatever materials to be shaped.