Several air treatment installations for one of the world’s leading microchips suppliers

February 11th 2022

Fully satisfied with the equipment previously supplied by John Cockerill Europe Environnement, one of the world leaders in the manufacture of microchips now renewed its confidence in the Environment Sector’s French entity, by ordering 5 air treatment units to equip its new semiconductor production lines, as well as an ammonia stripping unit.

Eco-responsible equipment that aims to significantly reduce the environmental footprint of the client’s French chip production site.

Air pollution control and ammonia removal

The massive flows and the great diversity of gaseous effluents to be treated require a very large and efficient air pollution control system. Thus, the plant was equipped with three horizontal scrubbers to purify the air from the acid extraction network and two more horizontal scrubbers, which were installed on the roof, to treat the air from the alkaline extraction network.

Additionally, in order to treat liquids heavily loaded with ammonia, a stripping unit is to complete the installation to be supplied. This technology allows the sorting of chemical contaminants from wastewater to facilitate their complete removal. Due to the chemical aggressiveness of the liquids to be treated, conventional materials have been replaced by ECTFE (Ethylene ChloroTriFluoroEthylene). A material designed to offer chemical resistance in intensive use corrosion applications but which requires very specialized knowledge and special expertise of our production teams in infrared (IR) welding.

The complete design was carried out by the French team of the Air & Gas Business Line of the Environment Sector and the production of the equipment was entrusted respectively to the French and Hungarian teams of John Cockerill Europe Environnement and John Cockerill Environment Hungary.