RWE and John Cockerill to build German test facility for Dutch circular and green hydrogen project FUREC

October 21st 2021

RWE and its partner John Cockerill are to jointly build a testing facility in Germany, which will enable to optimize a key stage in the process of turning household waste into hydrogen. The facility – called a torrefaction plant based on the MHF/100/0™ technology patented by John Cockerill – will be built at RWE’s innovation centre in Niederaußem (Germany) and will test the production of feedstock pellets made from waste, to be used in the company’s innovative FUREC waste-to-hydrogen initiative. RWE is going to invest €3 million in the pilot plant, which is scheduled to be operational in July 2022.

  • Test facility will optimise key process step in the production of hydrogen from municipal waste;
  • The optimised process will be key to the fuelling of the Dutch hydrogen project, FUREC
  • €3 million test facility at the RWE innovation centre at Niederaußem is expected to be operational in autumn 2022.

The Press Release: 20211021_PR_Environment-website-RWE and John Cockerill to build pilot plant