Resolest entrusts John Cockerill with the construction of a waste recovery and recycling facility


November 16th 2023

Resolest has awarded to John Cockerill the construction of a new treatment facility for the treatment of residues from the purification of fumes from the incineration of household waste and residual sodium products.

At Resolest the expression “circular economy” is not an empty word

The company is the leader in the recovery and recycling of residues from the purification of industrial fumes, with a sodium bicarbonate treatment process. In concrete terms, the fumes are treated with sodium bicarbonate at the incinerators. The residues thus obtained are then handled by Resolest to extracts the soluble fraction. The salt obtained in the form of a purified brine is transported via a 4 kilometers pipeline to a factory in Dombasle (France), which uses it as a substitute for natural materials.

A new installation to increase processing capacity

It is within the framework of the extension of its factory based in Rosières-aux-Salines (France) that Resolest put their trust in the Group. Thus, the temporary company bringing together the Group’s Environment and Services sectors of activity (John Cockerill Proserpol and John Cockerill Services France Est), along with the company Eiffage Construction Lorraine, will allow to provide a new installation aimed at increasing the treatment capacities of the existing facility.

By participating in the treatment and recovery of these residues, John Cockerill, through its specialist in the treatment of industrial effluents, John Cockerill Proserpol, is proud to contribute to a perfect example of circular economy which allows the preservation of natural resources with the priorities being the controlled consumption of raw materials and energy, as well as the complete elemination of emissions into air and water.