John Cockerill teams renovate the EDF hydroelectric dam at Revin (France)

barrage lac revin

John Cockerill’s teams in Auvergne worked in several stages on the EDF pumping station in Revin (France). The third largest hydroelectric facility in France in terms of installed capacity (800MW), this structure produces the equivalent of the electricity supply of a city like Reims (France) in one year.

Supported by CMS Hydro experts for the manufacturing and installation of a wall gate, a load break gate and a cofferdam allowing the restitution of the reserved flow of the watercourse, and by the colleagues of our workshops of Commercy, Colmar and Belleville for the renovation of the gates, the Auvergne teams proceeded on the site to the removal/renovation/reinstallation of several gates.

The last reassembly operations took place at the end of 2022 after the Whitaker lake (9,000,000 m3) had been completely drained for these interventions. A performance full of synergies at the service of a renewable energy that is hydroelectricity.