High-power electric charging for a waste collection truck at John Cockerill

March 30th 2022

On March 30, 2022 in Seraing, John Cockerill demonstrated the fast charging of a 26-ton electric truck via MiRIS, its green energy storage and management station. This first is a new milestone for the two partners, John Cockerill and RENEWI, in favor of the development of green mobility in Wallonia.

The partnership between RENEWI and John Cockerill aims to reduce CO2 emissions. It started in 2020 with a test phase with a first 100% electric truck, followed by a second series of tests with 100% electric vehicles of different tonnages to be recharged from MiRIS, John Cockerill’s photovoltaic energy production and storage platform in Seraing. Today’s demonstration is an important milestone towards the objective of reducing CO2 emissions by RENEWI: it is a fast charging with a 350 kW charging station that John Cockerill has just installed at MiRiS. The energy produced on site and used by this terminal is 100% solar, which guarantees the trucks a completely carbon-free propulsion. Eventually, John Cockerill and RENEWI could extend their collaboration to hydrogen mobility, a technology in which John Cockerill is already well positioned.

Dieter Hasevoets, Director of the Integrated Renewable Solutions team: “At John Cockerill, we are pursuing the ambition to decarbonize human activities and act against climate change. To achieve this, we have added fast chargers, 350kW and 75kW to MiRIS. These chargers can charge a truck’s battery in less than an hour. Our goal is to deploy MiRIS equivalents wherever needed and thus install green charging centers for 100% electric trucks and buses.

Mark Thys, Managing Director Renewi Belgium: “From waste to product, start with sustainable collection. Waste collection will evolve in the coming years with the urgent need to reduce CO2 emissions. Renewi is contributing to this, as a leader, by continuing to expand its fleet with modern Euro 6 trucks. We are determined to be a leader in sustainable waste collection and in the transformation of waste into secondary materials.