A new sustainable drinking water supply project benefits 750.000 people in rural areas of Ghana

September 16th 2021

The new plant is to be built by John Cockerill Environment in Keta, Ghana. With a daily capacity of 45,000 m³ it can provide over 750.000 inhabitants with safe drinking water.

As part of the Ghanaian government’s extensive infrastructure development program designed to strengthen economic growth and to help improve the living standards of residents of the country’s agglomeration of Keta and adjoining communities, John Cockerill has been assigned with the construction of a new Drinking Water Treatment Plant , as well as the rehabilitation of an existing plant aiming at restoring it to its installed capacity.

With the southern part of the Ghanaian Volta river region having experienced rapid population growth in recent years and the hydrological conditions of the ground water in these parts of the country mostly being saline, thus, making it difficult to use ground water as an alternative source of potable water, the existing water supply system is unable to meet the ever-increasing demand for water.

Helping the region to meet water needs

In the framework of the governmental infrastructure development program, the comprehensive Keta Water Supply Rehabilitation and Expansion Project is now to remedy this situation and to ensure the reliable supply of potable water in the region. Upon its completion, the Keta water supply system will produce close to 45.000m³/day of clean and safe drinking water that are to help the region to meet current and future water requirements of its residents up to the year 2030.

For this project, the Ghanaian Government has secured funding from the Italian subsidiary of Germany’s biggest investment bank, the Deutsche Bank amounting to a little over 85Mio€ and guaranteed by SACE, the Italian Export Credit Agency specialized in supporting the growth and development of businesses and economies.

Third drinking water project in Ghana

Ordered by the state-owned Ghana Water Company Limited, the extensive drinking water supply project is to be implemented by Lesico Infrastructure, the Italian subsidiary of the Israeli construction group Lesico. Relying on John Cockerill Environment’s Belgian water specialist’s long years of international experience, Lesico now assigned John Cockerill Balteau with the task to provide the design, construction and commissioning of this comprehensive water supply project. For John Cockerill Balteau this is already the third drinking water project in Ghana.

Upon completion of the work including the transmission pipelines, 4 pumping stations, a booster station and several water reservoirs, the plants will then be able to provide over 750,000 inhabitants with safe drinking water.