New CMI recovery boilers in Russia

Chaudières CMI de Kazan

September 10th 2018

Two new CMI heat recovery boilers associated to Siemens SGT5-2000E gas turbines will equip the Nizhnekamsk (495 MW) combined cycle power plant in Tatarstan (Russia). Awarded to CMI by Entrade Gmbh, a German subsidiary of ENKA Power, this new project is being developed by Nizhnekamsk Neftekhim, a Russian conglomerate belonging to TAIF Holding, Tatar American Investment Fund, for which CMI has already supplied a boiler for the Kazan power plant and commissioned in 2017.

CMI was chosen thanks to the quality of its equipment, its positive experience on a large number of projects, let’s note indeed that ENKA has so far ordered 47 boilers to CMI, and thanks to its Russian certification capacity (TR-CU), a major imposition on Russia, where CMI has supplied 9 boilers in recent years.

Let’s welcome this success of CMI!