The lock at Lanaye and the potable water treatment plant in Ans: John Cockerill’s achievements presented to our Flemish partners

October 07th 2022

The lock complex in Lanaye and the water treatment plant in Ans: a delegation of Flemish clients visited these installations built in collaboration with John Cockerill Environment.

A delegation of Flemish clients visited two installations jointly built by John Cockerill Environment. The lock complex in Lanaye and the potable water treatment plant in Ans, both located in Belgium. This event allowed several major Flemish economic players, active in the fields of drinking water and waterways, to concretely measure our specialists’ know-how and technical expertise related to municipal water treatment and infrastructures.

It was also an opportunity to present some major achievements:

  • On the one hand, the SPW in Lanaye, where our teams modernized the infrastructure of the lock complex by installing, in partnership with BESIX, a new pumping station with a maximum flow rate of 17m³/s, comprising 8 motor pump units (550 kW), 2 automatic bar screens, piping and valves, as well as a new hydroelectric power station (2.3 MW) with turbine generators, a bypass gate and operating equipment, the Petit-Lanaye demerging station with new submersible pumps, and electrical power equipment for the entire lock complex.
  • On the other hand, the CILE in Ans, where our teams equipped the drinking water treatment plant with 4 immersed 31 kW pumps for a total of 1550 m³/h of raw water, the supply of denitrification with 4 15 kW pumps for 900 m³/h, the supply of filtration with 3 37 kW pumps for 1550 m³/h, storage and conditioning of the sludge by dosing milk of lime and ferric chloride, dewatering of the conditioned sludge by a filter press with a capacity of 31.4 m³, as well as the wiring and electrical installation of the entire process.

The representatives of these Flemish economic players active in the public sector (De Vlaamse Waterweg in Ghent and Antwerp, Vlaamse MilieuMatschappij, Departement Mobiliteit en Openbare Werken and the Antwerp drinking water production and distribution company PIDPA) were thus able to obtain detailed technical explanations about the modernized infrastructure directly from our John Cockerill Balteau teams, in the field. Both projects vividly demonstrate the positive impact of our solutions towards more sustainable water treatment and more efficient and smart infrastructures. The day ended with a visit of John Cockerill Services’ workshop and a guided tour of the “Château” (Castle) in Seraing, the Group’s headquarters for more than 200 years.