John Cockerill opens its digital portal to strengthen relationships with suppliers

December 14th 2020

In addition to the digitalization of its products and services, John Cockerill is embarking on a broad process of digitizing its operating methods. In this context, it opened in early December a digital portal dedicated to interactions with its suppliers. This “Supplier Portal” will be phased in with suppliers in the course of 2021 and will cover all activities of the Purchasing process: sourcing, qualifying, price requests, orders, delivery management, contract management, performance and billing.

Denis Debroux, Chief Performance Officer of John Cockerill: “Through this digitalization, we are pursuing the goal of improving the efficiency of our interactions with our suppliers and strengthening our mutual operational excellence over the long term, in an ever-changing economic and industrial context. Beyond the digitalization of activities, Supplier Portal will offer our supplier partners many advantages, especially in terms of monitoring their interactions with our teams.