John Cockerill Hall of Fame: 9 experts accumulate 365 years of passionate work

October 07th 2021

At the end of September, John Cockerill honoured 9 of its experts, who have accumulated 365 years of passionate work, during a ceremony called Hall of Fame.

If talents are at the heart of our priorities, experts are the cement of our recognition. Bernard Serin, Jean-Luc Maurange and the entire Group Executive Committee thanked Pierre Balthasart, José Callegari, Freddy Dethier, Michel Dubois, Philippe Laurent, André Mathonet, Roger Nelissen, Didier Vanham and Luc Van Hee for their extensive contribution in terms of innovation, research and development, expertise and commercial intelligence.

Our Group thanks them for having succeeded in combining competence, innovation, development and knowledge transfer while remaining passionate during almost 50 years of work for some of them.

This first Hall of Fame was a success and a pride for John Cockerill. See you in 2022 for a second edition just as brilliant as this first one!