Jet Vapor Deposition: discover the inside of this unique zinc-coating line

inside a zinc-coating line

June 06th 2023

JVD (Jet Vapor Deposition) is a genuine alternative to Electro Galvanizing & Hot Dip Galvanizing. This state-of-the-art solution for the coating of metal strip provides not only the lowest ‘global warming potential’ according to life-cycle assessment measures, but also multiple operational advantages when it comes to quality, speed and OPEX.

Developed and industrialized by the steel giant ArcelorMittal with the support of John Cockerill’s experts, this unique technology is now commercialized worldwide by John Cockerill Industry’s Metals Business Line.

This unique metal coating line applies the Jet Vapour Deposition (JVD) technique to optimize the quantities of zinc used and thus production costs. Its use will also allow the coating of very high resistance steel grades that are difficult to galvanize by hot dipping.

A real technological breakthrough, this innovation has been installed on the Kessales site of ArcelorMittal Liège (Belgium) to meet the expectations of clients in the automotive industry and to maintain the position of steel in the race to make vehicles lighter.