John Cockerill Industry’s President talks sustainability, growth and technological evolution in the Steelworld magazine

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May 22nd 2023

John Cockerill Industry’s President and Chairman of the Board of John Cockerill India in an interview and on the cover of the “Steelworld” Magazine: Sébastien Roussel talks sustainability, growth strategy and technological evolution.

​​​​​​​John Cockerill is well set up to support a fast-growing Indian market and help Indian steelmakers on their path towards sustainable and responsible steelmaking.” In an interview with the Indian magazine Steelworld, John Cockerill Industry’s Executive President and Chairman of John Cockerill India‘s Board of Directors, Sébastien Roussel explains:

  • Why investing into its Indian footprint for the past 15 years has proved to be the right strategy for John Cockerill, and why ambitions remain high.
  • How the unique technologies & professional services provided by this sector of activity are heading the way to a more eco-friendly and cost-effective future for steel processing, both in India and globally.
  • How John Cockerill Industry is further strengthening its Indian presence to support the country’s economic growth story.
  • Why R&D is key to achieve profitable growth and how the investment in emerging technologies is to conquer climate change.
  • And why investing into its new “Industrial Project Services” (IPS) business, oriented towards a more carbon-efficient and cleaner future, is so important for John Cockerill. 

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